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Thematic categories for original works

Autobiographical: The Leg-Up, A Builder By Trade, The Burning Man, Down West, Betty’s Wonderful Christmas, Mrs Frampton, Finchie’s War, 

Biography: Queen Christina, Piaf, Marlene, Stanley (Stanley Spencer), The Snow Palace (Stanisława Przybyszewska), Garibaldi, Si!, Ludwig (Ludwig II of Bavaria), Mrs Pat, Nelson, Ethel (Ethel Merman)

The cold, snow: Betty's Wonderful Christmas, The Snow Palace, Ethel, Ludwig

Children: The Leg-Up, Betty's Wonderful Christmas

Countries: The Synonym, The Treat, Piaf, Camille, An Ordinary Woman (France); Ludwig (Germany); In Donegal... In Donegal (Ireland); Garibaldi, Si! (Italy); The Snow Palace (Poland); The Synonym, Pasionaria, Mrs Frampton (Spain); Up in Sweden, Queen Christina (Sweden); Go West Young Woman, Franz into April, Ethel (USA)

Feminist: Down West, The Amiable Courtship Of Miz Venus And Wild Bill, Go West Young Woman, Dusa, Fish, Stas And Vi, Guinevere, The Project/Loving Women, The Treat, Queen Christina

Lesbian, Gay: In the Hothouse, After Birthday, Queen Christina, The Ring, Aunt Mary, Stanley, Ludwig, Not Joan the Musical

Love: A Builder By Trade, The Nourishing Lie, The Russian Princess, What Luck, The Synonym, The Whippet, In Donegal... In Donegal, TV Play, Piaf, The Project/Loving Women, Franz into April, Stanley, Not Joan the Musical, Nelson, At the Window

Marriage: A Question of Temper, The Russian Princess, Down West, Guinevere, The Amiable Courtship Of Miz Venus And Wild Bill, The Project/Loving Women, Stanley, Natalya

Motherhood: What Luck, After Birthday, Ladybird, Ladybird, Queen Christina, The Project/Loving Women, Deborah’s Daughter, At the Window

Necrophilia: The Treat

Nihilism: Up In Sweden

Poverty: The Leg-Up, Betty's Wonderful Christmas, After Birthday, Ladybird, Ladybird

Prostitution: Natalya, Piaf, The Treat, Who Is Sylvia?

Psychology: Franz Into April

Rape: Betty's Wonderful Christmas, The Snow Palace, The Treat

Revolutionary politics: The Project/Loving Women, The Snow Palace, Garibaldi, Si!,  Where’s Joy?

Science, scientists: The Burning Man, Natalya, Deborah’s Daughter, At the Window, Despatches

Social workers: The Nourishing Lie, After Birthday, Ladybird, Ladybird, The Project/Loving Women

WWII, pilots: The Burning Man, Finchie’s War, Ethel, An Ordinary Woman

Suicide: The Russian Princess, Cluster, Up In Sweden, Dusa, Fish, Stas And Vi, Finchie’s War, The Snow Palace, Ludwig, At the Window

The Theatre: Marlene, Mrs Pat, Ethel, Despatches, Marine

Pam Gems bibliography and internet

Queer Mythologies: The Original Stageplays of Pam Gems. Dimple Godiwala (2006). Intellect (Bristol, UK).