Loving Women


The Project (1976) Soho Poly, London, Loving Women (1984) Arts Theatre, London.

In 1976 The Women's Company, sister-group to the Women's Theatre Group, was invited to submit plays for the lunch-time theatre, the Soho Poly.  These were the golden days of lunch-time (now almost extinct), where new writers could learn their craft and writers in general test new ideas.  The Soho Poly, seating fifty, was one of the best under the dedicated management of the late Verity Bargate, a marvellous woman who died before her time and is still missed.

       As writer for the group I translated two French plays - My Name is Rosa Luxemburg and a Marguerite Duras three-hander, and wrote Guinevere, for two actors, and The Project, all of which were produced.

       The Project was written to explore the conflict between fashionable political theories of the 70s with their emphasis on commitment and revolution, and the politics of experience - ie real life as lived by most people.  An hour in length it was directed by Nancy Meckler.  As a result of the production I expanded the script to full length.  It was produced at the Arts Theatre in 1989 under the direction of Philip Davis.

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